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2 Digit Number - Reusable Vinyl Placard



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Want your vehicle to look awesome for the event (no blue tape!)? This is the answer. Reusable vinyl. Put them on at the beginning of event, take them off at the end. Order quantity two (2), one for each each door. If the event requires numbers for the hood, order quantity three (3). Choose color and font. Use the comments section to tell us your car number!

~11.5"x~15" reusable vinyl placard with 2 digit number (as in example image). White background. Black numbers, black borders (other colors available). Rounded corners to prevent lift off. Includes clear strips of adhesive vinyl to hold down the front edge.

Can be delivered at the event, usually Saturday morning immediately before or after the drivers' meeting. Please let us know what event!

Note: Easily removable, reusable. If this is an older vehicle (or recently painted), please check with us before ordering!)