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Contact Info & Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 9am-5pm CST
Friday: MANY events start on Friday, or quite often we have to travel to your events.
Saturday/Sunday: At Your Events!!!
Phone: (469) 909-8583
Always check your email SPAM folders for ordering and communications!

Image Copyright Information and Usage

Images are copyright protected by Hart Photography. Individuals purchasing images from us are allowed to use them for personal usage, digital (personal web site/blog and/or social media pages). Printing for personal display is also allowed. Any resale or distribution of a digital file (original or modified) for commercial use (including corporate social media sites, corporate printing, advertising or display) is prohibited, unless photo copyright credit is given to , or tagged to our Instagram account: txtrack_photog. To obtain rights for commercial use of our images, please use the contact us methods at the top of this FAQ page. If a motorsport publication wishes to use an image of ours, we can work directly with the publication for this, please have the publication editor/writer contact us.

How to Order and Choose images for the Event CD,

Event CD download, or the Pick 1,2,3,5,7,9,11 options

Here's a video showing the process for ordering a download that includes 3 images.  It's an HD video, so please click on the four arrows button next to the HD text on the video bar to view it full screen (hit ESC when finished). The video assumes the user already has an account on our system and is logged in.  The process for ordering any number of images (from 1-100) is the same, just add more (or less) to your cart.  The video is viewable on any PC or MAC browser, and also works on tablets and smartphones.  Once we authorize the payment (please make sure the info is accurate!), you can download the order.  If you use PayPal, you can download the order IMMEDIATELY.  

If you want to order the Event CD Download, or the Event CD, it's just a matter of choosing the option you want, then adding ONE image to the cart, and completing the checkout. 
The video is about 3 minutes long:

Here's a video showing the process for downloading images from an event that is less than 60 days old.  It shows a download of 3 images.  It's an HD video, so please click on the four arrows button next to the HD text on the video bar to view it full screen (hit ESC when finished). The video assumes the user already has an account on our system and is logged in.  The video is viewable on any PC or MAC browser, and also works on tablets and smartphones.  

The nitty gritty details in writing:

First, you'll need to create an account on our website, and be logged in.  Then, while you are viewing the larger version of the image, there will be a box to the right of the larger preview (not on the thumbnails pages).  Click on the options to show the pricing and ordering info.  First add the product to your shopping cart, like the Pick 5 download.  Then, as you continue viewing your images, an added button will appear to 'add' this image to the Pick 5 Download package.  Once you have added all the images to your package, the system will let you check out.

When ordering the Event CD Download, or the Event CD options, YOU ONLY NEED TO CHOOSE ONE image of the rider/driver (preferably where you are alone, or at least the front rider/driver).  We'll go through the event and find the rest.

NOTE: ALL images chosen for a Pick 2, 3, 5, 7, 9,11, or Event download/CD MUST be of the same rider or driver and MUST be from the same event, or the order will not be completed.  If you paid via Paypal, the transaction will be refunded.  If you paid via MC/VISA, since we do not automatically process payment information (see your receipt), then the order will be cancelled.

Ordering Mix N Match posters or Custom Posters Information

You can choose the main image you want us to use for the poster and add that one to the shopping cart, then tell us the other images in the comments section, or add them to your favorites (an option that appears once you've created an account).  A lot of people use the 'favorites' method, adding 6-10 images to the list, and then we choose the images that works the best for the poster.

With any of the methods, we send you a preview to approve so that you'll know what the poster will look like before we print it.  If any changes are needed, you let us know what to change, and we send an updated preview.

Or, you can always just call us with the image numbers and event information.  The image numbers are just below the enlarged version of the image (not the thumbnail view).  We then enter order in for you, so that you'll still have a receipt and email of the order.

What custom prints and options do you have?  Do you have samples?

Your imagination is our limit.  We have created some very nice artwork, completely spec'd by our customers.  Please browse our <a href="../mtrcustom04.htm"><b>Custom Layouts</b></a>.

Can you explain the quality of the digital images?

Our camera files are produced by Canon professional digital cameras and lenses. We have produced prints over 8 feet by 13 feet (WALL SIZE) from our files.  

It is possible to open our digital camera files with any image editor (the files are a standard JPEG format).  We recommend that you use an imaging application such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements that has the capability to handle 24 bit, 24 mega pixel files.  The files are 3504x2336 pixels at 72 dots per inch.  This equates into an image ~48 inches wide, by ~32 inches tall, at 72dpi, so you may have to resize the image to fit on your screen.

Why do I have to register to add images to the favorites list or my shopping cart?

By registering an account, you are able to keep items in your favorites list or shopping cart for a long period of time (while we keep the galleries viewable) so that you may browse and compare images at your leisure. Additionally, you will be able to view your orders and private galleries (if available) by having an account. 

Does it cost anything to register an account?


What will Hart Photography do with my account information? What is the Privacy Policy?

Internet privacy is important to us.  I don't like my information handed out to anyone and will not do that to others. This policy is very simple. 
Any personal information collected on this website via contact forms, order forms, or any other method, is not shared, traded, sold or leased to any third party.

Account information will only be used for order processing, shipping, and to facilitate customer communication.  We may advertise specials, discounts and/or coupons via email, but this will be done sparingly (usually only during the Holiday season).  If you do not wish to receive emails from us about our specials, please let us know, and you will be removed from that option.

Sessions and cookies are used on this website for statistics, but no personal information is ever gathered from such information.  

Will the images I select stay in my favorites and/or shopping cart?

Yes. Your pictures will stay in your favorites and/or your shopping cart until you either place the order or delete them yourself. 

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