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One (1) Digit Number - Temporary Vinyl

Want your vehicle to look awesome for the weekend (no blue tape!)?   This is the answer.  One (1) digit car number for the weekend (as in '9').

Order quantity ONE (1) PER EVENT. This product gets you 2 door numbers, and the rear number, as seen in the example image. Door numbers are ~12" high, rear number is ~4.5" high. One time use RTA (ready to apply) vinyl numbers.  Put them on at the beginning of event, take them off at the end.  

Choose color and font.  These are die cut numbers, no background, no border, so choose a color that shows well on your vehicle (black vinyl on a black car is NOT going to work).  Use the menu drop downs to tell us the vinyl color, number needed, font desired, etc.!

Delivered at the event, usually Saturday morning, ~7am during registration before, or after the 8am drivers' meeting.  Please let us know what event.

Note: Easily removable, usually with no leftover glue/residue.  If this is an older vehicle (or recently painted), please check with us before ordering!


Vinyl Color

You should choose a color that will be show easily on your vehicle (i.e. white vinyl, black vehicle as our example).

Number Needed

Please tell us the one (1) digit number needed for this event (i.e. 9)

Deliver/Ship to Event?

Tell us which TDE event this should be available for pickup Saturday morning (i.e. July 4th, Brands Hatch Raceway). NOTE: IF you want this shipped to you, then put SHIP in the text box below as well as the event location/date. For shipping, ORDERS MUST DONE at least a week before the event, and choose a shipping method at an additional cost that gets it to you in time.
There is a minimum quantity requirement of 1
You have a required option not selected highlighed above.
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