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Pre-Purchase: All Images and Videos (of this rider/driver only) from event

NOTE: WE ONLY VIDEO RIDERS OR DRIVERS WHO USE THE PRE-PURCHASE OPTION. It's best to pre-purchase with this page! You can order after the riders/drivers meeting, but usually this is a very hectic time for YOU as you're getting ready to ride/drive for the day.

We will get as many images, and as many video clips as possible during the event. Many different turns, many different angles, but if you have a request, PLEASE let us know. Use the Options and Notes to give us details about what run group you will be in, what make/model/year motorcycle or car you will be riding/driving.

As always, if you don't want videos, not a problem, we will get images of every rider/driver as we always do. Options to purchase images/prints/posters/mouse pads/coffee mugs/etc. will be online after the event for viewing and purchase.

After the event, we will setup a download for you to retrieve all your unedited video clips (MP4 format) as well as all your unedited images (highest resolution JPEG format). To be clear, we provide ONLY unedited videos & images.




Vehicle Information

Please give us Make/Model/Color/Year information of your motorcycle or vehicle.

What RUN GROUP will you be riding/driving?

For motorcycle events, the run group options are usually Novice/Intermediate/Experienced/Advanced. For car events, the run group options are usually Green/Blue/Yellow/Red/White or Instructor run group? This is the run group you START the weekend in. Please let us know if you get promoted during the day/weekend.

Driving/Riding BOTH Days?

If this is a 2 day event (usually car events), or 2 back to back days for you (usually bike events), PLEASE let us know in this text box.
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